Mylar Bags for Food Storage

Most of you probably know this information, but someone just coming across the blog may not.  Mylar bags are bags used in the long term storage of dried food.  The most common way that these bags are used is as a liner inside of food safe or food grade buckets.  After you line the bucket with the Mylar bag and add the dried food, you add the appropriate sized oxygen absorber for the size bag you are using.  Then, you seal the bag either with a Mylar bag sealer or a regular household iron.   Commonly stored items include: beans, rice, grains, corn or cornmeal, Bisquick, powdered milk and other dry goods.  Food stored in this manner can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years if done correctly. Some opt to use thicker bags (7 mil) and do not store the bags in buckets. I, personally, do not feel comfortable not having the bags in buckets, no matter how thick the bags are.

I recently ordered some Mylar bags in the five gallon bucket size.  It had been so long since I had dealt with Mylar I didn’t know for sure which supplier to use.  I have decided to put up some additional food in 10 five gallon buckets.  I compared the exact price of the bags, the cost of the oxygen absorbers and shipping.  For me to get get 10 five gallon bags here, the cheapest route was through www.discountmylarbags.com.  I order the bags on a Friday morning; they shipped the same day and were sitting in my mailbox on Monday.

My goal is to put up the 10 of the five gallon buckets of goods for the cheapest amount of money possible.  I was able to get the 10 bags along with the appropriate sized oxygen absorbers, with free shipping for a total of 22.50.  I do have to admit that my better half was able to locate a discount code online to save us a couple of dollars.  If you take a few minutes, these discount codes are out there free for the using.

I’m going to dedicate a few articles to using mylar bags for food storage.  Every step of the way to the finished product, I will take you along with me along with tips and prices to complete this task as cheaply as possible.

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